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     自主研發、制造及金屬材料加工能力的綜合性公司。?本公司目前廠房占地面積14000平方米,現有員工200多名,配備國內外先進的 生產和檢測設備, 建立了完善的質量、生產、環境體系。并通過ISO9001、ISO14001以及TS 16949認證 ,企業管理模式先進, 蘇州群峰秉持“為客戶創造價值、為員工創造前途、為社會創造繁榮”的經營宗旨, 以優越的品質,優質的服務, 
Suzhou qunfeng precision co., LTD. is a fastener, precision shaft, plastic materials, insulation materials, metal products, such as?for business projects, with independent research and development, manufacturing and processing capacity of metal materials is 
a comprehensive company.?Our company current plant covers an area of 14000 square meters, existing staff of more than 200, 
equipped with advanced production?and testing equipment at home and abroad, established a perfect quality, production, environmental system. And passed the ISO9001, 
ISO14001 and TS 16949 certification, advanced enterprise management mode, suzhou qunfeng uphold the "create value for customers,?create future for employees and create prosperity for the society" business purposes, with superior quality, first-class service, won the 
customer the highest praise for the target, are looking forward to your hand in hand. 

版權所有:蘇州群峰精密五金有限公司技術支持:仕德偉科技   蘇ICP備16044392號-1

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